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Meridian Lodge Formation

It was in the depths of winter 1987, heavy snow falls had prevented the Consecration of the Lodge on the original arranged date in January 1987, but with great assistance and encouragement from the late V.W. Bro. Leslie Leonard Allen OBE BSc AKC P.G. Swd.B. the Consecration took place at the Bromley Masonic Centre on the 4th February 1987.

This day bonded together for those members from eleven lodges, who had come together during the two years previous when thoughts were aired by W.Bro.D.A. Baxter and W.Bro.B.J. Madden (deceased) regarding the need for a new lodge, which was to be sponsored by the John Roan School Lodge No. 5085.

During the period 1980-87, a number of new friends had expressed their wish to join the John Roan Lodge but unfortunately, at that time being a School Lodge bound by its own constitution, was not permitted to accept candidates who were not connected with the John Roan School and was known and deemed to be a "closed" lodge.

In addition, both Bros. Baxter and Madden were of the opinion that the constant support received by those interested in a new lodge, was in itself a valid reason for placing a petition to form a new lodge before Grand and Provincial Lodge. The growth for new members at that time, if continued, promised a bright future in the Masonic sense.

Two years may seem a long time to finalise the affairs, however, regular meetings of the proposed Founders, took place at the home of the late W.Bro. B.J.Madden where matters arising and founders concerns could be addressed. These meetings formed the basis of unity and friendship to make a new lodge successful.

The name proposed for the new lodge by Bros. Baxter and Madden was "Meridian Lodge of West Kent" to represent an exposure of the Meridian Line in its 360° travel from Greenwich around the globe, pointing out that any male person on the either side of this line would be eligible to apply for membership. The name and its foregoing explanation were endorsed by the founders.

The support given by various members of the Provincial Executive was tremendous, not to mention the help and guidance with the consecration ceremony from W.Bro. G.W.S. Davie.

The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master The Reverend Canon Peter Churton Collins B.D., showed a continued interest throughout the period of the two years preceding consecration day and all the founders were indeed honoured and blessed to be part of the ceremony undertaken with such friendliness and dignity on what was a well meaning ode "that on this occasion and this occasion only".

Thus, Meridian Lodge of West Kent was formed.

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